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Spa on the Hill 

Our Specialties

Traditional Massage

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Pain Management

Body Waxing

Skin care

Permanent Makeup


Chair Massage



Our Mission

Our team is delighted that you are planning to practice self care!  Making a point to prioritize your mental and physical needs is the cornerstone of having a truly fulfilling wellness journey.  So many people live daily with symptoms of burnout, overwhelm and mental or physical pain.  We make sure loved ones are cared for, perform our daily work and duties, run the never ending list of errands and just wear ourselves out. 

Providing a comfortable space to reconnect with self is what motivates us to show up in wellness. 


Spa on the Hill has become a trusted friend in the District and beyond.  Our talented therapists bring a professional touch that is unmatched,  a nurturing and compassionate vibe that transcends beyond the treatment room.  Our well respected team of wellness vets know how to deliver a phenomenal experience with the goal that you feel drawn to continue growing your self care practice.

Our fave treatments

Brow Wax & Tint

This session includes a Brow Consultation, Shaping, Waxing, Tweezing and Trimming (as needed) using our custom wax blend that shimmers like gold and removes hair effectively, and gently while providing a gentle treatment without pain or irritation. We finish by tinting (pigment customized to your liking) + our signature after wax serum to soothe skin. Tinting does stain the skin and lasts up to 10 days.

Best for: brows needing definition

Red Lipstick
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