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Sip, Sip, Hooray, let's plan a Spa Day!

whoever came up with the idea of having an entire
day at the spa was probably equal parts exhausted + genius.
Happy multiracial women with different age and body size having skin care spa day - People

intimate wellness events that capture every detail with unmatched service & style 

your special event team thrives in providing:


Classes + Workshops

Our classes include a dynamic roster of well admired wellness creators.  Yoga, meditation, candle making, floral design, and culinary professionals deliver unforgettable learning experiences with ease and familiarity.  


Beauty Treatments

Our beauty regimen is result oriented without compromising experience.  Our beauty therapists offer sleep-inducing facial experiences, waxing that is nearly pain-free, and access to professionals-only after care.


Design Essentials

Our design team is able to accommodate you in creating a space that has all the personal touches and custom branding to capture the esthetic of your special time together.


Body Treatments

We respect that an unforgettable massage experience includes all the details and delivering body work that's personalized to the unique needs of each guest is our specialty.  Each visit includes a consultation and suggestions for after care.


Culinary Experiences

Foodies beware... we do not disappoint!  Our culinary experts cater to clients looking for a deliciously unconventional way of practicing self care.  Special menu requests can be accommodated.


Mobile Events:

Guests that need wellness classes, services, vending at personal events may submit an event request to us below.  We look forward to bringing our special touch to your next event.

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