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Thoughtful & Beloved Gifts

Our brand includes a diverse team of wellness professionals that have the goal of meeting you where you are in your wellness journey and providing the best result-oriented care.  We specialize in personalized therapeutic care for individuals, intimate groups and brands.

Intimate Group Relaxation

Wellness events are an excellent way to promote stress awareness and injury prevention. Many of our clients regularly come in for pain management due to injury or overuse which is common with ergonomic challenges.

Mud Spa

Spa Day Pass

The ultimate cure for stress and overwhelm, each pass includes relaxation or nap time in the comfort of our candlelit relaxation lounge with refreshments including bottled water, sparkling water, artisan teas and gourmet honey varieties, and macaroons. A warm robe with a heated neck & soothing aromatherapy eye pillows and 24k Gold eye masks complete your experience.

Relax at work concept. Yoga mat in an office desk.jpg

Corporate Events

Developing community stress awareness and management from pop-up wellness experiences is not only a delightful surprise for a team, but it is also a highly successful way to make your team feel honored and appreciated. We can provide holistic care including a variety of spa services, mobile events, corporate gifting, workshops, coaching, corporate and group retreats, and fitness.

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